Started new blog “Steve Kelman on Politics, Culture, and Life,” will share my short Facebook posts.

Steve Kelman, Harvard Kennedy School prof, moderate Democrat, pro free speech/anti cancel culture, pro tax rich, Pro-Israel. Research improving gov performance, China interest. This blog will reprint many of my Facebook posts in these areas.

Current post, 8/15/22:

Chinese map of China with many South China Sea islands

China’s Global Times has been reproducing a map of China that not only includes Taiwan, not surprisingly, but also what looks like about 20 or 30 islands in the South China sea that China also claims. Under the map is the slogan, “Not even a BIT can be left behind.” (The original was in all caps.) If you were an Asian, would you be nervous?

”War on faith”

Somebody wrote some op ed attacking the Catholic rosary. This occasioned a story lasting over 5 minutes on

Fox about the “war on faith”

Revealing names of FBI agents at Trump home

In publishing the FBI warrant for the Trump search, Breitbart news included the names of the FBI agents.

Campaigns against communists and homosexuals

It is interesting to see from the book I’m reading on the CIA in the early years of the cold war how closely connected McCarthy’s campaign against Communists was with the campaign against homosexuals.

Overthrowing leftist government in Iran — what happened then?

The book I am reading on the CIA in the early years of the cold war discusses how one of their great early covert action “successes,” the overthrow of a nationalist government in Iran, eventually led to the overthrow of the Shah and its replacement by Islamists hostile to the United States.

“National education days” in Hong Kong

The Hong-Kong school authorities are instituting 5 new “national education days” in Hong-Kong schools. These include the anniversary of the founding of the Communist party and Peoples Liberation Army day.

Wacko health remedies

Fascinating article in The Times by Farhad Manjoo on the affinity of right wing conspiracy theorists for various wacko “health remedies.” It turns out that if you click a political statement on Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones’s website, you will be directed to a sale site for various bizarre products. Note how anti-vaccine sentiment, once more on the political left, has now migrated to the far right. Moderates of all stripes should really work to take on the extremes.

How China government applies punishments

China’s Global Times has a blustering, bullying article about punishments they have in mind for Nancy Pelosi. “All companies in the US or third-party countries that want to do business in China will be careful and try to avoid economic contact with the Pelosi family.” China is famous for punishing relatives of political prisoners as well as the prisoners themselves. This seems to be trying to apply the same principle to companies.

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